December 2014

At the last assembly of the year, Ngalapita students performed two musical items for their parents. Dressed smartly in black costumes, gold waistcoats and sparkly hats they delighted the audience with a combination of solo and group performances.  In ‘Safety Dance’ students executed an intricate routine which involved synchronised steps, a human tunnel, imaginary rope rescue and a series of robotic dance moves.  In ‘Money Money Money’ students hid behind furniture and popped their heads out to echo the soloist, before showering the crowd with chocolate coins. Both performances - and two others learned this year - were recorded and are available to parents in a compilation film if they provide a USB to the school.

October 2014

Girls Club is back in full swing this term. The girls did a beautiful job decorating these cupcakes to share with the other students as a treat for morning tea. Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate icing were used as a base, with edible butterfly and heart shaped pieces sprinkled on top.  Have a squiz at their cupcake creations!

September 2014

As part of the Stitches project Ngalapita School has been involved in this year, the Junior Primary Class and the Pink Class at The French-Australian Preschool have exchanged class mascots.  Molly the Mouse visited the Pink Class last term and Renardo the Fox has been visiting with  us this term.  Before Renardo headed back home to Canberra, we decided to throw him a goodbye party. Renardo's favourite colour is orange, so the little kids madesure all the balloons, party hats and prizes in the pass-the-parcel matched. Students decorated cupcakes and helped to eat all the party food, which included a cake with Renardo's face on it!

For this month's Design and Technology project, students were commissioned to make a matchbox car playset for the Junior Primary Class using recycled materials. Each playset was to be built on a lightweight, transportable board and include a ramp, service station, garage, bitumen road and street signs. After four sessions of planning, selecting and modifying materials and painting, the final products looked fantastic. With some help from the Junior Primary Class, who test-drove the playsets, a winning design was chosen. The little kids are going to have hours of fun playing and pretending with these new additions to the toyroom!

August 2014

To promote healthy eating and kitchen safety at home, students were given a cloth apron and asked to create a slogan for it. The advertisements were printed with waterproof markers and supported by appropriate illustrations. Some of our favourite phrases were: 'Eat fruity, you'll be a beauty, 'Don't put the toaster near the curtain, if you catch on fire you'll be hurtin'', 'Don't eat cake, you might get a tummy ache' and 'Eat right, grow bright'.

July 2014

In July, students had the opportunity to learn how to play the djembe drum. A visiting teacher from Melbourne brought 12 of the skin-covered goblet drums to Ngalapita School and spent a week teaching the students a number of different rhythms. Students were also shown how to tighten the skin on the drum which is tuned by rope and played with bare hands. At the end of the week, the students performed two items for their parents at Assembly.

June 2014

Divided into four teams, staff and students were pit against each other in The Ultimate Challenge. Each member of the Blue Ninjas, the A Team, the Gold Lions and the Red Bulls had the chance to compete as teams worked together to complete six activities in each of the three rounds. Activities included moving pom poms with chopsticks, emptying a box of tissues, eating cold spaghetti, peeling potatoes, rolling a metre-long snake with playdough, building a tower of blocks, riding a tricycle backwards, shooting hoops, blowing bubbles and filling a bottle with water.  The competition was fierce but fun was had by all in an exciting afternoon.

Thanks to a grant for outdoor cooking equipment, the school recently purchased a portable oven. On Friday afternoon the students cooked a roast dinner. Some students peeled and chopped up carrots, zucchini and onion which were placed in a baking tray along with washed mushrooms. Others carefully rolled the potatoes in foil. The beef fillets were rubbed in oil and coated in  garlic powder, rosemary and thyme for extra taste. The oven soon had everything cooked, and the meal was enjoyed by staff and students alike!

May 2014

Following a discussion on the function of a boat and the different ways they can be propelled across water, students were assigned to design their own model sailing boat. Their mission was to create a small wind-powered vessel that could carry two 'people' as well as cargo across the length of a large blow-up swimming pool. Boats would compete in a regatta after it was confirmed that they could stay afloat while keeping two small dolls and a miniature box of rice aboard and dry. May breezes made for perfect regatta day conditions as the boats were raced in heats (decided by luck of the draw) before the last three skippers still standing competed in the final event of the day, with the aptly-named, adhesive-taped 'Sticky' coming out on top.

March 2014

This month students were treated to a visit from three furry friends. The classroom pets spent some time nibbling on seeds, oats and corn before being returned to their cages to explore the little houses and play equipment the students had made for them.  Wynky, Twinkle and Noddy enjoyed the new equipment, giving everything a good sniff before settling down for a nap.  A reflective discussion took place afterwards and a winning design chosen.