Term 1, 2018

Koorabye experienced a late wet season this year. This meant that the river was too high to cross to get back to school. Therefore, school did not resume until the very end of the term.

Term 2, 2018

In Term Two, our school began implementing the Talk for Writing program. Each unit of work runs for a four week period. In the first week, you memorise a text with the help of actions and a picture story map. The children learned the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. During the second and third week, they innovated on the story to create their own. They called this story The Fox and the Three Cats.  In the fourth week of the unit, they invented their own narrative and applied all of the learning from the previous three weeks using new vocabulary and better narrative structure.

The year five and year seven students also took part in NAPLAN. This year, they trialled the test online and found it to be successful.

Miss Teresa and Miss Ebony began considering incorporating the Kimberley Schools Project into Ngalapita RCS. They travelled to both Looma and Derby to see it in action. 

Term 3, 2018

In Term Three,  three new students enrolled at Ngalapita RCS. There are now four children in the senior classroom and seven in the junior classroom. Miss Ebony continued to work in the junior room, while a student teacher from Notre Dame, Taryn Russell, worked in the senior classroom.

Our school also celebrated NAIDOC Week. We enjoyed a variety of art and writing activities as well as a community cook up and games night. The theme this year was Because of Her, We Can!

Not long into the term, we went on a school camp. Firstly, we went to Muludja for a fantastic sports carnival. Then we went to Fitzroy Crossing to play at on the new playground. We had dinner at the Crossing Inn and stayed at the Fitzroy Lodge. The next day we explored Mimbi Caves and then had lunch at a cafe before returning home.

In week five, the year four and five children went on an excursion to Melbourne with Miss Ebony, Miss Rachel and Mr Lewis. They were there for five nights and were very busy with lots of sight-seeing. They went to the Tigers and Bombers football match, watched the penguin parade, explored Sovereign Hill and went to the museum. 

Week seven saw the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre come and make puppets with the children as well watching a puppet show called Moominpappa at Sea. It was lots of fun and a great excuse for the community and school to come together once again.